We live in a world immersed in visual media.
Most of it is seduced by what’s trending,
but sometimes, it remains timeless.

It’s always about the story.

Misty road in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. 2008

I’m Bo Schultz and
I craft visual stories.

I can show yours.

Documentary production at Dunfermline Abbey, Scotland. 2017


As an illustrator, graphic designer, and photographer, my dad owned a Macintosh computer, a Sony Super8 camcorder, and a Nikon F35 SLR when I was born. 15 years later, something happened while I played around with video clips in iMovie; together, the clips told a story like nothing else. A magical spark ignited deep within.

Weeks later, iMovie proved inadequate, so I made the biggest purchase of my life and upgraded to Final Cut Studio. Not long after, I upgraded cameras and computing power.

Fast-forward 15 years studying photography, cinema, and story, directing hundreds of projects, and investing heavily in the tools of the trade; I'm a third-generation artist... with a different canvas.


I believe the power of story must be wielded with great care when channeled through the visual arts. Stories can speak directly into hearts, and they have been used throughout history to shape entire cultures for good, and for evil.

Armed with a worldview steeped in covenant theology, I desire to worship the Lord with cinematic stories emphasizing the beautiful narratives He has created for us to recognize, be attracted to, and savor.

I work with small businesses, content creators, documentary producers, and musicians to showcase their stories and craft. At least, that’s what I’m doing right now in this epic adventure. And I’m almost always ready for an exciting rabbit trail.

Once upon a time,

there was a story about...

Autumn sunrise in Hohenwald, Tennessee. 2019

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